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Uttar Pradesh CM says 50,000 homes target to be met in April.

Uttar Pradesh CM says 50,000 homes target to be met in April.

Uttar Pradesh CM says 50,000 homes target to be met in April.

Chief minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday said 50,000 flats would be delivered to homebuyers in Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna expressway areas, a process that began last year after he set this target before the local administrators, by next month.

Speaking after inaugurating the Hindon Elevated Road in Ghaziabad, Yogi blamed the SP regime under Akhilesh Yadav for the delay in delivering the homes. On December 23, during his first visit to Noida as chief minister, Yogi had promised that 80,000 homes would be delivered in the twin cities by March 31.

“Nearly 50,000 housing units will be handed over to buyers next month. Another 50,000 units will be delivered in the next six months. The delay is due to past governments. They had indulged in ‘commission-khori’ in this issue too as in other work, as a result of which delivery of flats to homebuyers got delayed,” the CM said.

The road was finally opened six months after its original scheduled date of completion.
“Though work for the elevated road had commenced in 2014, the SP government left it midway because they did not procure clearances from the railway and the environment ministry. They used to fix their shares of commission in each project and had done it for the elevated road too. It is only with the efforts of our government and officials that the road has finally been opened,” Yogi said.

While praising UP Police for cracking the sensational Sahibabad gold robbery case this week, in which two Delhi Police personnel were arrested, the CM also hot out at the SP government for its “poor track record” in handling law and order in the state.

“Earlier, the government used to patronise riot mongers while victims were put in jails. The Muzaffarnagar episode is still fresh in mind during which time there were riots in several places of UP. The state hasn’t seen a single instance of rioting in the past one year of the BJP government because the treatment meted out to criminals is there for all to see. Many had presumed the gold robbery incident in Sahibabad last week would never be solved. But police in the state has changed. Under earlier governments, criminals used to flee even with AK-47 rifles,” said Yogi.

The Samajwadi Party reacted sharply to the allegations. “The Yogi government is just one year old in office and the chief minister is already showing signs of nervousness, especially after BJP’s humiliating losses in Phulpur and Gorakhpur byelections,” said Surendra Kumar Munni, district president, SP. 

“The coming together of SP and BSP has also rattled the chief minister. His nervousness has turned him into a braggart who is claiming all the credit for infrastructure development. As far as the elevated road is concerned, 98% of the work was done under the Akhilesh Yadav government. Yet, Yogi is brazenly trying to usurp the credit by presenting a false picture.”

In his address, Yogi also said “people across UP are eager for the establishment of Ram Rajya in the state” but emphasised that “this dream can be realised only when there is shelter for each family, electricity in each household, gas connections in each kitchen and ration cards for each poor person”.